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What to Expect

Deep TMS is an FDA-approved, medical procedure that works by delivering MRI-strength magnetic pulses to noninvasively stimulate the brain. The pulses are delivered via a treatment “coil” in a helmet that is placed on the head. This targets the left prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain known to affect mood. This allows for distant areas of the limbic system, the area associated with mood, to be activated and increase blood flow and glucose metabolism resulting in improved mood.

The first Treatment:

The first visit duration is approximately 45-60 minutes long. You will be asked whether there has been any medical or psychiatric change (including medications) since your consultation. 

The first step is to determine the dose and location that are appropriate for you. This is performed by a physician and is referred to as the “Motor Threshold.” This requires placing the helmet gently on the head while applying pressure over the part of the brain that moves the finger muscles (motor cortex). Once the location of the motor cortex is determined, various doses of stimulation will be tested to determine what is appropriate for you.

Once the location and threshold are determined, the helmet will be positioned on your head for the treatment. The coil will produce clicking sounds when it is delivering magnetic pulses, and will feel like a tapping sensation on your scalp. This sensation lasts two seconds, then pauses for 20 seconds and continues for 55 “trains” for the duration of treatment for a total of 1980 pulses. The active part of the treatment lasts less than 2 and the entire treatment lasts about 20 minutes.

Subsequent Visits:

Prior to each treatment, you will be asked about your sleep, alcohol/caffeine intake, medication adherence and overall well-being.since your last visit. The treatment helmet will be positioned on the head at your specific settings determined at the first appointment. You are free to go and resume all normal activities once the treatment is completed.

Each week of treatment, you will be given a short series of questionnaires to fill out to monitor your progress that will take approximately 5 minutes.

The treatment will be scheduled for 30-45 minutes. Each patient is set on the same schedule every day, with the exception of appointment times due to new patient mappings. Time slot availability is based on a first come-first serve basis but accommodations will try to be met.

Cancelled or rescheduled appointments will be added to the end of treatment, however, the same treatment time slot is not guaranteed for these additional sessions. 

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