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Get Your Life Back

TMS Success Stories

Patients & physicians remarking on the benefits of TMS:

Hear about Clarissa's experience with TMS & cure from depression:

Celebrities on TMS

Hear about Neal Brennen's (co-creator of the Chappelle show) real life TMS experience:

See full interview on CC.

Listen to Dr. Oz describe TMS, as a  "Revolutionary Treatment":

TMS treats more than Major Depression

See how TMS works:

See what TMS does for Parkinson's:

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Mike Headshot Small.png
TMS Revitalizes Medical Director - Mike Hutchins, MD
I am a board certified doctor of Internal medicine.  My interests lie in patients achieving optimal health and well-being with the least amount of prescription medications.  TMS fits my belief system, as it is non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, safe and can promote a life-time cure from depression.
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